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An annotated links page for state court docket sheet databases

The National Center for State Courts’ Public Access to Court Records page links to online databases containing case information for state court cases.   I added the NCSC page to the “State Courts” section of the Docket Sheets entry next to Legal Dockets … Continue reading

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Verdicts and Settlements: New Lexis tool for creating reports

I added the new LexisNexis Verdict & Settlement Analyzer to the Verdicts and Settlements entry.  The “Analyzer” is designed to tell you “how similar cases have resolved (and for how much).”  I believe the Analyzer is Lexis’ response to the “Case … Continue reading

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RIP: “Brooklyn History” is History

In the interest of keeping the Guide a manageable size, I deleted the “Brooklyn History” entry because it just didn’t seem part of the Guide’s core mission.

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Subject-matter searching for state court docket sheets

Here’s a research tip for the holiday weekend:  You can search state court docket sheets by “Nature of Suit” (NOS) on Courtlink, Court Express and Westlaw.    Previously, NOS searching was available only for Federal courts, where plaintiffs choose a NOS code … Continue reading

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Three more resources discussing the law of receivers

In my never-ending battle to find useful sources on the law of receivers, I added American Jurisprudence, Corpus Juris Secundum and Chapter 66 of Moore’s Federal Practice to the Receivership entry.

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American Law Reports: New Section on Predecessor Publications

An attorney asked me to find “the predecessors to the ALR,” and that turned out to be about seven sets published by the Lawyers Co-operative Publishing Company and Bancroft-Witney covering 1878 to 1918.   Print volumes are still available in a surprising … Continue reading

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Where to search for foreign and international patent applications

I added WIPO’s new-and-improved PatentScope database to the “Foreign Patent Research” section of the Patents – Foreign entry.  PatentScope searches “1,806,918 published international patent applications (PCT) and in 5,292,508 when including patent documents from Regional and National collections,”  such as the African Regional International Property Organization (ARIPO), Brazil, … Continue reading

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