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Two more Congressional updates

Sally’s updates to the Congressional Reports and Congressional Record entries are now live. Advertisements

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Updated info on Congressional Prints, Districts and Debates

I edited in Sally Munson’s updates for the Congressional Committee Prints, Congressional Districts and Congressional Debates entries.  Some things I learned from Sally: CIS (the Congressional Information Service) is now owned by Proquest; The CIS/Historical Index, covering Federal legislative history … Continue reading

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Two more law firm memo sites

The new “Publications” section of the Law Firms entry keeps on growing — I just added a subscription-based site called knowledgemosaic that covers almost 50 practice areas, and a free business-and-securities site called

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R.I.P.: Nassau County

I zapped the entry for Nassau County, New York.   As far as I know, the Guide doesn’t cover individual counties.

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Congressional Improvement Program

Sally made extensive updates to the Congress entry and has started sending revisions for the other Congress-related entries.  I input the changes to the Congress entry and will add the other revisions over the weekend.

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New section on Washington State legislative history

I wrote up a new “Legislative History” section for the Washington State entry.  I’m proud of this one.  It’s the hand-out I wish I had last week, when I was asked to compile four Washington legislative histories, and that’s exactly what … Continue reading

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NARC Archives goes from free to fee

I just learned that the National Advertising Review Council has switched its Online Archives of decisions from free to a $550 annual subscription.   I reluctantly updated the Advertising entry.  Thanks to Sonal Pandya at Linklaters for writing in to let me know! 

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