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I spent a few hours on hold but the database eventually came back up by itself.  I’ll be editing again soon. Advertisements

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InMotion hosting was hacked to hell over the weekend, taking the back end of the Guide with it.  I am on hold waiting for someone to help get the database working again.

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Locating military personnel on active duty

Another good place to look for active military personnel is the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act Centralized Verification Service, which I added to the opening paragraph of the Military Records entry.

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Asian Company Profiles goes under

Dialog File 505, Asian Company Profiles, bit the dust.  I tried to find replacements for the Japan, China, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore entries.  (Additional suggestions are welcome!)

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Recent Hein legal research guides

I added William S. Hein legal research guides for Utah, Illinois, Wisconsin and Texas to the Utah, Illinois, Wisconsin and Texas entries, respectively.

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Corporate counsel en Français

This week I was asked to identify the General Counsel of a French company.   The job got much easier once I learned that the French term for General Counsel is “Directeur Juridique.”  The term was not listed in Dahl’s or … Continue reading

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The truth about back issues

I updated the News – Newspapers & Magazines – Whole Issues entry, and it just shrunk up.  The truth is, there just aren’t as many places selling back issues or newspapers and magazines.  A related truth is I’m not sure … Continue reading

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