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New entry on Federal enclaves

Federal enclaves are real property ceded to the Federal government by one of the states.  Think military bases, national parks and Federal courthouses.   The new entry covers  how property becomes a Federal enclave, how to tell if a particular property is a Federal … Continue reading

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New entry: Membership Clubs

I wrote up a new entry called Membership Clubs.   These can be country clubs, golf clubs, social clubs, etc.   They’re interesting creatures from a business perspective, partly because of their organizational structure, partly because they raise unique issues in bankruptcy, … Continue reading

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Locating property owners in New Jersey

If you have to look up the current owner of real property in New Jersey, the New Jersey entry now has a “Real Estate” section with helpful resources and sage advice.   Big tip:  Check the currency of your sources; many just republish annual … Continue reading

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FHA entry expanded

I expanded the Federal Housing Administration entry from one sentence to three paragraphs.  Now the entry covers FHA letters (a/k/a HUD Mortgagee Letters), FHA Handbooks and information about the FHA itself.

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Three more resources discussing the law of receivers

In my never-ending battle to find useful sources on the law of receivers, I added American Jurisprudence, Corpus Juris Secundum and Chapter 66 of Moore’s Federal Practice to the Receivership entry.

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Resources for Substantive Consolidation legal opinions

This week I researched [non-]substantive consolidation legal opinions.   I found two model opinions by the New York City Bar and a helpful section in Legal Opinion Letters: A Comprehensive Guide to Opinion Letter Practice. I popped all three resources into a … Continue reading

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