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State courts learn to do document delivery

The last three times I called a court for copies I was able to pay with a credit card and get the document emailed to me in PDF format.   Hallelujah!!  I had to revise the “Getting copies” section of the Docket Sheets … Continue reading

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How Cert. works in Maryland

There’s a new “Certiorari” section in the Maryland entry.  Basically, you have to call the court to find out about cert. in Maryland, which is overall bad, but still it’s nice to know there are some things you can’t answer … Continue reading

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Week in Review: Holiday Edition

Happy holidays!  I didn’t do the best job keeping track of my edits this week, but new stuff includes: District of Columbia – Judicial Branch entry — Added the Daily Washington Law Reporter’s Opinions on Demand Service as a source for D.C. Superior Court Decisions … Continue reading

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Washington state dockets section expanded and new entry for Washington state legislative history

I did some Washington State case research this week, which gave me material to revise and expanded the “Dockets / Case Information” section of the Washington State entry.  While I was there, I noticed that the “Legislative History” section made it hard … Continue reading

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The week in review

Some additions: A “Campaign Contributions” section for the Background Checks entry; A “Dockets/Case Information” section for the Massachusetts entry; A “Land Records” section for the Washington State entry; The specialty public records platform Archives for the “Marriage and Divorce Records” section … Continue reading

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New Jersey Superior Court case information system

I added the New Jersey Courts Public Access system to the “Docket Sheets” section of the New Jersey entry.  The system provides case information for civil cases heard in the New Jersey Superior Courts.

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NY Law Journal cases go subscription-only

The New York Law Journal is the unofficial reporter for many downstate lower court opinions.   But last year the publisher decided to provide the full text of opinions only in the password-protected “Decisions” section of the paper’s web site; the print, microfilm and Lexis editions of … Continue reading

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