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Changes in the stock exchange industry

The U.S. stock exchange industry has changed dramatically over the past few years.   The New York Stock Exchange merged with Euronext to become NYSE Euronext.   The American Stock Exchange merged into NYSE Euronext.  The Philadelphia and Boston stock exchanges merged into the … Continue reading

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Link check done through “Ls”

I’ve fixed all the broken links on the latest link check through the entries starting with “L.”  Just 112 more broken links to go.

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Compensation of Executives at Nonprofits

I added a section on the compensation of executives at nonprofit organizations to the Compensation entry.

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AIA Contract Documents section expanded

I added the American Institute of Architect’s lists of expired and retired Contract Documents to the “AIA Forms” section of the Architecture entry, plus my own list of secondary sources useful for working with AIA Contract Documents

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New category for deleted entries

I just created a category called “R.I.P.” for blog posts reporting on deleted entries.

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R.I.P.: Lead

I deleted the “Lead” entry for want of anything special to say.   See the Commodities Prices and Safety entries instead.

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Law firm memos on

Brittany Persson, Reference/Acquisitions Librarian at Seton Hall Law School, wrote in to say that has law firm memos.  That’s a good tip, and I added it to the “Publications” section of the Law Firms entry.

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