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New entry on Federal enclaves

Federal enclaves are real property ceded to the Federal government by one of the states.  Think military bases, national parks and Federal courthouses.   The new entry covers  how property becomes a Federal enclave, how to tell if a particular property is a Federal … Continue reading

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Federal legislative history: emergency updates

Working in D.C. has dramatically increased my need for Federal legislative history resources, leading to an emergency rewrite for the Congressional Reports entry, as well as new entries for the United States Congressional Serial Set and the American State Papers.

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New entry for Massachusetts Legislative History

There is a fair amount of legislative history available for Massachusetts bills and laws.  A  new entry called Massachusetts Legislative History tells you how to get it.

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New categories for Public Records and Tax-Exempt Organizations

I created new categories called “Public Records” and “Tax-Exempt Organizations.”  So far there are 18 posts in the Public Records category and six in Tax-Exempt Organizations.

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New category for new entries

I created a new category for posts announcing New Entries.  It’s a nice complement to the R.I.P. category for deleted entries.

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Washington state dockets section expanded and new entry for Washington state legislative history

I did some Washington State case research this week, which gave me material to revise and expanded the “Dockets / Case Information” section of the Washington State entry.  While I was there, I noticed that the “Legislative History” section made it hard … Continue reading

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New entry: Background Checks

I finished the first draft of the Background Checks entry and posted it live.   I wrote it as a checklist to help people remember all the places to look for useful information.  I’m sure I left out some good ones, … Continue reading

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