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Lexis creates huge archive of municipal codes

Lexis has been adding hundreds of municipal codes each month, and they say they now have nearly 3,000 online, by far the biggest collection anywhere.  To make the deal even sweeter, Lexis will be keeping the old codes starting with the … Continue reading

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Sacré bleu! Good scoop on French businesses

You can look up French company registration records (for free) and retrieve filings (for a fee) from Infogreff.   Even the free records tell you the company’s annual sales and the number of employees.

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Finding DOL ALJ decisions

I spent half an hour looking for cases cited as 2009 FRS xx this week.  Bieber’s said “FRS” was the Federal Rules Service, but the cases turned out to be U.S. Department of Labor Administrative Law Judge decisions.   “FRS” stands for the “Federal Rail Safety Act” because … Continue reading

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Sites collecting FOIA Documents

Another aspect of working in DC is the increased need for Federal agency materials not readily available to the public.  Two sites that help are FOI Services, which collects FOIA documents from the FDA, and Government Attic, which collects FOIA documents … Continue reading

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