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Delaware business search

Somehow I had never written up a “Business Search” section for the Delaware entry, but now I have.   The section links to the Division of Corporation’s Entity Search database, plus the Online Status page for checking if the company is … Continue reading

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M&A Resources for Your Reading Pleasure

I added two new secondary sources to the Mergers & Acquisitions entry — a treatise for the “Foreign M&A” section called International Mergers & Acquisitions Law: A Country-by-Country Look at M&A Regulations and Best Practices in Major Markets around the … Continue reading

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Document retrieval in the Carolinas

If you ever need a document retrieval service in the Carolinas, I added Dash Courier and Logistics to the North Carolina and South Carolina entries.  They also file documents with the courts, land records and secretary of state offices.

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New section on the Copyright Royalty Board

The Copyright Royalty Board sets the royalty rate for playing songs on Internet radio (and other places) and, more generally, oversees “statutory licenses.”   There is now a little section on the Board near the end of the Copyrights entry.

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R.I.P.: Historical Abstract of the United States

Since the Historical Abstract of the United States is no longer being updated, I removed it from most of the enries where it appeared in the Guide and tried to find useful replacements.  Along the way, I updated the entries for … Continue reading

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Link check: done thru U

I fixed all the broken links in the entries starting with “U.”  Praise God, and pass the Tanqueray.  

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How Cert. works in Maryland

There’s a new “Certiorari” section in the Maryland entry.  Basically, you have to call the court to find out about cert. in Maryland, which is overall bad, but still it’s nice to know there are some things you can’t answer … Continue reading

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