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Update for the Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure

I updated the Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure entry.  Highlights include links to two free online editions of the Rules (the entry was probably written before the Rules were posted) and a new section on locating Advisory Committee Notes. Advertisements

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A new guide to the New York State court system

The New York State judiciary just published a new introductory guide to their notably complicated court system.   Sally Munson is back from her Summer break and added the new guide to the New York State – Judicial Branch entry.

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Resources for Substantive Consolidation legal opinions

This week I researched [non-]substantive consolidation legal opinions.   I found two model opinions by the New York City Bar and a helpful section in Legal Opinion Letters: A Comprehensive Guide to Opinion Letter Practice. I popped all three resources into a … Continue reading

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The Federal Circuit wins my vote for the weirdest jurisdiction award

I updated the entry for the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit but could not for the life of me manage to summarize all the types of cases that go before the court from all the different lower … Continue reading

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OT: There IS a future for an e-USC!

Last Winter I published an article in Law Library Lights asking, “Is There a Future for an e-USC?”  At the time the Law Revision Counsel wasn’t sure, but today I received an email introducing USCprelim, “a pilot project to update the online version of certain titles … Continue reading

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Worldwide M&A: Finding the pre-merger notification requirements of foreign countries

A treatise called Worldwide Merger Notification Requirements (Aspen) summarizes the pre-merger notification laws of over 200 countries.  I added the treatise to the “Foreign Equivalents” section of the Hart-Scott-Rodino entry.

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U.S. Court of Federal Claims entry revised and updated

Still working on the Government Contracts project — today I revised and updated the entry for the United States Court of Federal Claims.

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