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Which entries had the most broken links last year?

The entries with the most broken links on the 2010 link check are “Internet” and “Search Engines.”   It figures. Advertisements

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Linking to online municipal codes

The opening section of the Local Laws entry lists the sites linking to online municipal codes.  I added in a very good new site, eCode360, but had to take out the once-venerable pages by the Seattle Public Law Library and … Continue reading

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e-Book sales go mainstream

The e-Books section of the Books entry has been around for a while, but we’re no longer talking about experimental projects by non-profit organizations.    I revised the Books and Book Stores entries to reflect the fact that e-book sales through Amazon, Barnes & Noble and the Google eBookstore are now … Continue reading

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New survey tracks the legal job market

The Robert Half Legal Hiring Index tracks the legal job market.  Very useful for gauging the health of law firms and the legal industry.

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New Jersey session laws, jury instructions and legislative reports

I added a few useful resources to the New Jersey entry including: New Jersey Session Laws Online, providing all session law 1776-present, plus Provincial Statutes from 1703 to 1776; New Jersey civil and criminal jury instructions; and New Jersey Legislative Reports released … Continue reading

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Canada combines National Library and National Archives

O.k., it happened six years ago, but I just found out now.  The National Library of Canada merged with the Canadian National Archives in 2004 to form the Library and Archives Canada.   I edited the Canada entry accordingly.

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Oregon’s online administrative code is built for speed

I added information on Oregon’s administrative code, the Oregon Administrative Rules, to the Oregon entry.   Research tip:  The free edition posted by the Oregon State Archives is more current than the fee-based editions by several months.

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