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RIP: Zimmerman’s Research Guide

Zimmerman’s Research Guide will go off the Lexis Info Pro site at the end of 2015.   The updated Guide will be available only as a private database.  There will be no updated public version as of January 1, 2016. … Continue reading

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R.I.P.: LexisONE

LexisONE was replaced by LexisNexis Communities, breaking links in 57 entries.   I replaced the links to LexisONE caselaw with Google Scholar and the links to state government web sites with Washlaw.  (Be sure to read the comments on this one! AZ)

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R.I.P.: GPO Access

As you probably know, GPO Access was scheduled to be replaced by FDsys, and the GPO pulled the plug on Friday.  I removed all the remaining links to GPO Access from the Guide except for links to the e-CFR, which for … Continue reading

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R.I.P.: Historical Abstract of the United States

Since the Historical Abstract of the United States is no longer being updated, I removed it from most of the enries where it appeared in the Guide and tried to find useful replacements.  Along the way, I updated the entries for … Continue reading

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R.I.P.: Nassau County

I zapped the entry for Nassau County, New York.   As far as I know, the Guide doesn’t cover individual counties.

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R.I.P.: Lottery

The “Lottery” entry never went anywhere, so I finally deleted it.  Meanwhile, I’ve been  working on an “Auctions and Auctioneers” entry that may be ready in a week or so.

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New category for deleted entries

I just created a category called “R.I.P.” for blog posts reporting on deleted entries.

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