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Post #300: Summer Vacation

This post marks two milestones:  the 300th post for The ZRG Blog and the start of my 2012  Summer break.   I would like to thank everyone for following the development of Zimmerman’s Research Guide and assure you that I will … Continue reading

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Bouvier’s Law Dictionary back in print

I thought that the venerable Bouvier’s Law Dictionary was no longer being published, but in fact there is that there is a new edition called The Wolters Kluwer Bouvier Law Dictionary, which I just added to the Dictionaries entry.   Thanks to Alison Perry at Hawley Troxell … Continue reading

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New rules for Comfort Letters

A company that wants to issue securities generally needs a “Comfort Letter” from an auditor saying that the company’s books are o.k.  I edited the Comfort Letters entry to reflect new AICPA rules for Comfort Letters issued in October 2011, and to introduce new rules for … Continue reading

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New Jersey regulatory history resources

This week I tracked the development of some New Jersey regulations and took the opportunity to add searchable historical editions of the NJAC to the New Jersey entry.  I won’t keep you in suspense:  Lexis has historical editions of the NJAC back … Continue reading

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Document delivery on steroids

Most document delivery services work out of a particular library (think NYPL Premium Services or the Document Supply Center at the British Library), but I just added a new company to the Document Delivery Services entry called Documentis (formerly BioDox) … Continue reading

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Verrifying diplomatic immunity in the U.S.

I just updated the Diplomatic Immunity entry and added a link to a State Department chart with the various numbers to call to verify if Diplomatic, Consular or U.N. personnel are entitled to immunity in the U.S.

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New source for industry data

This week I discovered Industry Norms & Key Business Ratios by the good folks at D&B (now part of Mergent).   The publication provides balance sheet information (average accounts payable, average inventory, etc.) for companies in each SIC code, as well … Continue reading

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