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Everything FOIA is new again

I went into the Freedom of Information Act entry to fix a broken link and ended up revising the whole entry.  I also added two new resources: for basic information and FOIA statistics; and a compilation of State FOIA … Continue reading

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R.I.P.: Historical Abstract of the United States

Since the Historical Abstract of the United States is no longer being updated, I removed it from most of the enries where it appeared in the Guide and tried to find useful replacements.  Along the way, I updated the entries for … Continue reading

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The Atlas of Historical County Boundaries

The Atlas of Historical County Boundaries shows you the current boundaries of each county in the U.S., and it explains how each county’s boundaries changed over time.   I added the Atlas to the Counties entry, along with a few links to Census … Continue reading

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American Community Survey replaces “The Long Form”

As of 2010, the Decennial Census is limited to a “short form” designed to count the population.  The more detailed information from the old “long form” is being collected each year in the American Community Survey, which is also compiled by the Census Bureau.  … Continue reading

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