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Document delivery on steroids

Most document delivery services work out of a particular library (think NYPL Premium Services or the Document Supply Center at the British Library), but I just added a new company to the Document Delivery Services entry called Documentis (formerly BioDox) … Continue reading

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Verrifying diplomatic immunity in the U.S.

I just updated the Diplomatic Immunity entry and added a link to a State Department chart with the various numbers to call to verify if Diplomatic, Consular or U.N. personnel are entitled to immunity in the U.S.

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English Forms of Address online

The next time you need to know how to refer to a Viscount and Viscountess in a letter (“Dear Lord and Lady Chelmsford”) or in a legal document (“The Right Honourable Frederic Viscount Chelmsford and The Right Honourable Charlotte Viscountess … Continue reading

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Used Books entry turned upside down

I just revised the Used Books entry so the websites that search multiple bookstore databases at once are right up top.   I moved the paragraph on local bookshops down, but I didn’t cut it because your local used book store is still the best bet … Continue reading

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Vendor-neutral citation actually gets somewhere

The glacial movement toward vendor-neutral citation of judicial opinions took a second step forward recently, with Illinois joining Arkansas in requiring citation to “public domain citations” rather than to the official state case reporter (which will go out of print).  Two states down, … Continue reading

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The Black Book of auto valution guides

I added the Black Book series of pricing guides as a fourth major source in the Automobile Valuation Information entry.   The others are the N.A.D.A. guides (including the original “Blue Book”), the Kelley Blue Book series and the Price Digests … Continue reading

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New entry: Membership Clubs

I wrote up a new entry called Membership Clubs.   These can be country clubs, golf clubs, social clubs, etc.   They’re interesting creatures from a business perspective, partly because of their organizational structure, partly because they raise unique issues in bankruptcy, … Continue reading

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