Complete list of Canadian Attorney Look-Ups

I want to thank Christine DeLuca of Bennett  Jones SLP in Toronto for her sla-dleg listserv post of 9/10/2013, which provided great info on locating Canadian attorneys.   Among other things, Christine listed the attorney look-ups for each province and territory, and I have added those links to the “Foreign Attorneys” section of the Attorneys entry.

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Bye for now

I wanted to let you know that The ZRG Blog is going on a long-term hiatus.  Things have been busy, and I think it’s best to focus my time on writing Zimmerman’s Research Guide rather than writing about it.  Thank you for following the Blog.  I will let you know if I start blogging again.  Regards, Andy Z.

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Fourth Circuit jury instructions

The Federal Fourth Circuit does not have court-approved pattern Jury Instructions, but there is a privately published set called Horn’s Federal Criminal Jury Instructions for the Fourth Circuit by Carl Horn III.

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New entry on Federal enclaves

Federal enclaves are real property ceded to the Federal government by one of the states.  Think military bases, national parks and Federal courthouses.   The new entry covers  how property becomes a Federal enclave, how to tell if a particular property is a Federal enclave and where to look for more about Federal enclaves law.

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Lexis creates huge archive of municipal codes

Lexis has been adding hundreds of municipal codes each month, and they say they now have nearly 3,000 online, by far the biggest collection anywhere.  To make the deal even sweeter, Lexis will be keeping the old codes starting with the 2012 editions, creating a huge historical archive of online local laws.

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Sacré bleu! Good scoop on French businesses

You can look up French company registration records (for free) and retrieve filings (for a fee) from Infogreff.   Even the free records tell you the company’s annual sales and the number of employees.

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Finding DOL ALJ decisions

I spent half an hour looking for cases cited as 2009 FRS xx this week.  Bieber’s said “FRS” was the Federal Rules Service, but the cases turned out to be U.S. Department of Labor Administrative Law Judge decisions.   “FRS” stands for the “Federal Rail Safety Act” because the DOL cites its ALJ decisions based on the underlying Act, rather than calling them something obvious like DOL ALJ.   There are currently 75 of these three-letter abbreviations.  I added them all to the United States Department of Labor entry so that, if I someday search for a CER (CERCLA) or an SOX (Sarbanes-Oxley Act), I will know what I am looking for and where to find it.

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