U.S. Postal Service entry revised and updated

Today was Labor Day, so there was no mail delivery, but I updated the United States Postal Service entry anyway.  I added links to all three of the major USPS manuals – the Domestic Mail Manual (DMM), the International Mail Manual (IMM) and the Purchasing Manual (PM) – as well as Judicial Officer Administrative Decisions (1957-Present), Board of Contract Appeals Decisions (1986-Present) Business Disagreement Decisions (2006-Present) and Purchasing Protest Decisions (1996-2004).   I also found a new phone number for the USPS Library, which is great, because it means there still is a USPS Library.


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zimmermansguide is the WordPress username for Andy Zimmerman, the author of Zimmerman's Research Guide. Over the years people have asked me for a way to follow the changes to the Guide. The ZRG Blog is written for anyone who would really like to know.
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