New sources for model interrogatories

The classic source for model interrogatories is the form book, especially Bender’s Forms of Discovery: Interrogatories, which has helped me out many times.    If that doesn’t work, you can search for a well drafted interrogatory filed with a state or Federal court in one of Westlaw’s new interrogatories databases (INTERROG-FED for Federal filings; INTERROG-STATE for state filings; INTERROG-ALL for both).    I added the Westlaw databases to the Interrogatories entry, following the discussion of helpful form books.

p.s.  If you work someplace with a litigation practice, you can also search your Document Management System and hopefully get a well drafted in-house model interrogatory for free.


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zimmermansguide is the WordPress username for Andy Zimmerman, the author of Zimmerman's Research Guide. Over the years people have asked me for a way to follow the changes to the Guide. The ZRG Blog is written for anyone who would really like to know.
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