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I spent a few hours on hold but the database eventually came back up by itself.  I’ll be editing again soon.

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InMotion hosting was hacked to hell over the weekend, taking the back end of the Guide with it.  I am on hold waiting for someone to help get the database working again.

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Locating military personnel on active duty

Another good place to look for active military personnel is the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act Centralized Verification Service, which I added to the opening paragraph of the Military Records entry.

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Asian Company Profiles goes under

Dialog File 505, Asian Company Profiles, bit the dust.  I tried to find replacements for the Japan, China, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore entries.  (Additional suggestions are welcome!)

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Recent Hein legal research guides

I added William S. Hein legal research guides for Utah, Illinois, Wisconsin and Texas to the Utah, Illinois, Wisconsin and Texas entries, respectively.

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Corporate counsel en Français

This week I was asked to identify the General Counsel of a French company.   The job got much easier once I learned that the French term for General Counsel is “Directeur Juridique.”  The term was not listed in Dahl’s or … Continue reading

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The truth about back issues

I updated the News – Newspapers & Magazines – Whole Issues entry, and it just shrunk up.  The truth is, there just aren’t as many places selling back issues or newspapers and magazines.  A related truth is I’m not sure … Continue reading

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SCOTUSblog rocks for cert. petitions, briefs, etc.

The SCOTUSblog makes it easy to find U.S. Supreme Court cert. petitions and briefs for pending cases, plus the Archives go back to 2007.   Added to the United States Supreme Court entry, with thanks to Goldstein & Russell, P.C. for … Continue reading

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Update for the Beehive State

The Utah entry has been updated, expanded and reorganized into the new format for state entries.

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Forbes lists of the rich and famous

New links in the Finding People entry: Forbes’ lists of  World Billionaires, Richest People in America, World’s Most Powerful People,  World’s Most Powerful Women, World’s Most Powerful Celebrities.  The current winners are:  Carlos Slim, Bill Gates, Hu Jintao, Angela Merkel … Continue reading

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